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Once upon a time, in one of the many hobbies into which I threw much of my energy and that my poor family had to endure, I tried my hand at podcasting. Under the stage name of Michael Harvee (Harvey was my mother’s maiden name), I managed to churn out a bunch of episodes of two podcasts, “Here’s How To Talk” and “Odd TV.” They were quite polished and entertaining, if I do say so myself.

Denzel Washington in “The Magnificent Seven” (left); Daniel Craig in “Spectre.”

(In fact, I’m turning the scripts for “Here’s How To Talk” into a book that I hope to be self-publishing as an ebook shortly.)

For a number of reasons I eventually gave up the pastime, but I’ve maintained the ‘casting bug and every so often think about trying it again. I’ve long since sold all my old equipment, however, and besides, I have many other projects that need my immediate attention.

Still, I think I’ve come up with an intermediate solution that doesn’t cost any money, takes only a fraction of the time and manages to satisfy my hammy desire to get onto a public stage and talk about stuff.

Over at Facebook, I’ve created a public group, “The Audio-Free Podcast.” The focus mainly is on popular culture and genre entertainment, but it’s open to any subject and anybody who wants to launch a discussion.

So far we’ve talked about Marvel superhero movies vs. those from D.C., why Captain America might not be the best Avenger, the best superhero movie overall and our favorite Batman costume design. (Yes, there’s a lot of superhero movie talk.) Recently I posted a short essay on how scriptwriters of big-budget genre movies are adding twists and turns to movies that viewers neither want nor enjoy (hence the illustration for this post of the new “Magnificent Seven” and “Spectre).

We’d like to encourage everyone to come and add their two cents on the state of current entertainment or about current trends or whatever people are talking about these days.

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