This holiday debate just needs to die, hard

This entry is a modification of a comment I made recently on a social media post about the classic 1988 action movie “Die Hard.”

Specifically the post was a link to a Buzzfeed sort-of article that sought to end the debate, once and for all, over whether “Die Hard” is a “Christmas movie.” The headline, in fact, was “Cut The Bullshit, ‘Die Hard’ Is Absolutely A Christmas Movie.” That Buzzfeed post was a rebuttal to another Buzzfeed post (don’t these people talk to each other at work?) that took people to task for claiming that “Die Hard” was their favorite Christmas movie. Continue reading “This holiday debate just needs to die, hard”

My ‘Yellow Submarine’ Story; or, A Fight For Daycare Justice

Seeing the recent announcement of the LEGO Beatles’ Yellow Submarine Kit, complete with mini Beatles and mini Jeremy Hillary Boob, compelled me to tell my “Yellow Submarine” story:

Years ago, when my kids were pre-school age, we took them to a daycare center based in a downtown church. Kids were allowed to bring VHS movies to watch during the occasional TV time, so we sent our two with “Yellow Submarine,” which had just been released. Our kids loved it. Continue reading “My ‘Yellow Submarine’ Story; or, A Fight For Daycare Justice”

Be a part of the ‘Audio-Free Podcast’

Once upon a time, in one of the many hobbies into which I threw much of my energy and that my poor family had to endure, I tried my hand at podcasting. Under the stage name of Michael Harvee (Harvey was my mother’s maiden name), I managed to churn out a bunch of episodes of two podcasts, “Here’s How To Talk” and “Odd TV.” They were quite polished and entertaining, if I do say so myself. Continue reading “Be a part of the ‘Audio-Free Podcast’”