Our latest project: Stuffing 3 games into one deck of cards

My son Joe and I have a small, boutique, self-publishing game company, Ghoulash Games, through which we make and market our game GHOULASH: The Game of Pen & Paper Peril. This game, played entirely on paper using specially designed charts, is a two-player dungeon crawl where each player is the Dungeon Master of the other, much like a fancy version of Battleship, with each player hiding obstacles from the other.

For now we’re just packaging the game ourselves via print-on-demand and marketing it ourselves through Ghoulash.com and this website.

Recently, however, we’ve been working on expanding the game catalog of Ghoulash Games with games that are non-Ghoulash-related.

Our first effort currently is in playtest phase: Mike & Joe’s Card Game.

I won’t go into much detail now, other than to say that this party game for 2-6 players is a combination of three games in one. Now, to clarify, it’s not a game that you can play in three different ways. No, it’s a game in which you play three games at the same time.

We’ll have more details — and most likely a Kickstarter — soon.

UPDATE: We did have our Kickstarter, a modest, one-week affair, with a goal of only $500. We wound up with 43 backers and a total of $1,075, so we’re happy. We’re looking forward to getting those games out into the world. Soon we’ll have info on how others can purchase the game.

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