The lingering frustration

Yes, the sun rose on a new day, and will continue to rise as it always has. Life will go on. We will persevere. We will survive.

Yes, we must unite as a country, find our common goals, work together, learn to love and not fight.

Yes, we must get over it, dry our tears, stop our whining and our moaning.

Yes, it might very well be that President Trump will be quite different than Candidate Trump, who did what he had to do and said what he had to say to win. Yes, we must give him the time to do the things he said he could do. It very well could be that in the harsh light of reality, even his most outrageous plans and claims will be tempered into policies that might eventually be categorized as rational.

Yes, I’ve read all the posts today, all the essays and the columns, all the admonishments, the patronizing lectures, the pep talks, the encouragements and the dire warnings.

I’m prepared to move on. Let’s put on a new show, gang.

What I fear I never will be rid of, however, is the lingering frustration that gnaws at me, causes me to grind my teeth, tighten my grip until my knuckles are white and does dangerous things to my blood pressure. This frustration is not a thing that can be dropped with ease.

It is this: He got away with it.

He got away with the bullying, the arrogance, the non-stop lies, the insults, the spins, the deflections, the denials of clearly recorded and easily verifiable facts, the disrespect of honorable people and the proud ignorance of courtesy and tact. He got away with the smirking, the mocking, the ridiculing, the interrupting, the evading, the goading, the pandering and the patronizing.

With his lies, spins and deflections, he easily dodged the fallout from revelations of his racism, misogyny, fraud and sexual misconduct.

But worst of all — yes, worse than all of that — is that he got away with the deliberate and cruel assassination of the character of a caring and immensely qualified candidate who had devoted most of her life to public service and the betterment of others. With blatant disregard for the facts and for simple moral decency, he beat her down, time and again. His despicable tactics went well beyond the dirty tricks and arrow-slinging of a hard-fought campaign. He brought a barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat to a fist fight and happily swung away. And if ever he was challenged on his behavior, he claimed to be the victim of an unfair system.

Granted, this frustration comes from a perhaps unrealistic expectation. In popular media, the bully always gets his comeuppance. The little guy, at the last minute, learns the proper karate move or discovers the bully’s weak spot or realizes that he, the little guy, had the strength and courage within him the entire time. The bully always is vanquished. He pays for his arrogant and evil ways and goes down, usually to the audience’s applause.

Not this time. This time the bully wins. The bully is victorious, without any attempt at apology or humility for his cruel deeds. In fact, he feels a vindication, as do those who were cheering him on from the sidelines.

It hurts.

So yes, he will be our president soon and we all just have to live with that and move on.

We will move on, just as the family of a rape-and-murder victim has to move on, living with the realization that the perpetrator has gone scot free.

The anger might eventually subside, but the frustration will ever linger.

2 Replies to “The lingering frustration”

  1. Hi Sooch,
    Do you not have other doubts and concerns about the Clinton foundation and improper income streams and relationships? No need to respond unless you wish to, but I noticed that Trump’s thumbnail was dark with little light and Hillary’s thumbnail was all self sacrifice and no hint of self interest or self serving behavior.

  2. Hi, Sam. No, I have neither a single doubt nor concern. After a period of following the campaign I realized that, according to the protocols established by the Trump camp, I was under no obligation to scrutinize the candidate to whom I was giving support. Trump’s followers had neither doubts nor concerns about his questionable business practices, his refusal to pay contractors or vendors, fraud charges brought against him concerning Trump University, the racist remarks he made on camera about the judge in that case, numerous sexual assault charges, a lawsuit alleging child rape, or federal investigation into Trump’s business ties with Russia. Following their example, I concluded that I was therefore free from having concerns about anything involving my candidate, other than her more than 30 years of public service.

    And to what thumbnails are you referring?

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