My name is Mike Suchcicki (soo-chick-ee), known as Sooch to my closest friends as well as to anyone who cannot pronounce Suchcicki. I live in Pensacola, Florida, and I’m a writer, editor, graphic artist and game designer/publisher.

Somewhat facetiously I call myself a “Multimedia Handyman,” but the reality is I can put my more-than-30-years experience in print and digital publications to work for you. If you have a print and/or digital project that needs some professional help, let’s have a conversation.

For you I can:

  • Create graphics for your print or digital projects, anything from logos to caricatures.
  • Proofread your documents, or even give them the full copyeditor treatment.
  • Design and layout your print materials — books, brochures, newsletters, etc. I’m great with flyers.
  • Write copy for your print and/or online project, from a paragraph or two to an entire book.

See my contact form to tell me a little bit about your project and I’ll let you know how I can help.

Some of my creations


I created the logo for Cooperative Ink, the creative cooperative of which I am a member. The group provides various creative services -- editing, copy writing, graphics, etc.

A digital illustration I created for an entry on a no-longer-existent pop culture blog, featuring David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor on the BBC's "Doctor Who," and the TARDIS.

Another digital illustration I created for the same pop culture blog, featuring Marvel Comics' Doctor Strange.

Cover illustration I created for the book "The Fanatic's Guide to SEC Football" by Frank Wenzel and Rita Cantrell Wenzel. (Colored by another artist.)

Digital logo illustration I created for the no-longer-existent Food Dork foodie blog.

I did the layout and some editing on the book "Foley at 100" by Kent Cockson, a centennial history and celebration of the Alabama town.

I'm the creator and publisher of the game GHOULASH: The Last Game on Earth, which began in 1982 as my attempt to create a two-player RPG, a mini-dungeon crawl. The paper version of the game has been downloaded and played by gamers around the world and has been translated into six languages.

This is the card game version of GHOULASH, for which I did all the graphics, illustrations and design. The game, designed by my son Joe, translates the original paper game into an exciting card game for 2-4 players.

An editorial cartoon I created on commission by a local activist group in Ypsilanti, Mich.

In the '90s I created the Sense of Humor Doll, a novelty item designed to display to the world that you haven't lost your sense of humor (or to be given to someone who might have lost theirs).

I designed the cover for Molly Haven's erotic comedy novel "The Signatures," the tale of a beautiful young lawyer who has a wild day when she attempts to gather eight signatures vital to The Big Case.

A hand-drawn logo I created for balloon artist and magician Jon Stayton.


In the right direction

Just purchased a new electric pencil sharpener.  From the directions:   “How to insert batteries: Use your fingers to slide the battery cover off.”   As opposed to your … ? Never mind, let’s move on.

Our latest project: Stuffing 3 games into one deck of cards

My son Joe and I have a small, boutique, self-publishing game company, Ghoulash Games, through which we make and market our game GHOULASH: The Game of Pen & Paper Peril. This game, played entirely on paper using specially designed charts, is a two-player dungeon crawl where each player is the Dungeon Master of the other, …